How you can help

Together for charity believe it is possible to make charity and donations part of daily life, without too much effort. Supporting others should be fun and easy, that’s the ambition. One idea is to use our gift card!

  1. Gift cards
    One idea is to use the gift cards created by together for charity. Replace your traditional presents for a donation to together for charity.
  2. Events
    Together is actively working with events like, garage sales, arranging social events like a drink and attending activities like the Swedish School’s Lucia concert in order to get donations. 

    It is also possible to arrange events by yourself, for example has together friends arranged birthday parties, “glögg-party” or a dinner and instead of the traditional gift, the host has wished for a donation to together for charity.

  3. Work with us
    To become an even better organization we need help and we are looking for people who are willing to join us to spread the word in any of our local subsidiaries.