One way of racing money for together is to arrange events. Events can be held under the “together brand” or by private people. We find events arranged by children extra fantastic.

Together Events
Together is actively working with events like, garage sales, arranging social events as a drink and attending activities as the Swedish School’s Lucia concert in order to get donations.

By selling second hand stuff, we generate money for together and it is an environmentally brilliant idea as it helps reduce, reuse and recycling. Please feel free to donate things to us that we can sell for charity.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other “event idea”.

Private Events
It is also possible to arrange events by yourself, for example has together friends arranged birthday parties, “glögg-party” or a dinner and instead of the traditional gift, the host has wished for a donation to together for charity.

Children Events
Children through out the world have been baking and selling buns, chocolate balls and breads. The earned money has been donated to together for charity. We find it extra amazing when children are helping other children.