The Bread of Life Education Centre, Lebanon

In the northern part of Lebanon, not far from the Syrian border a small Christian charity, the Bread of Life Society, has created an education centre for Syrian children.

The number of displaced children in Syria is mind-boggling. In the neighbouring country Lebanon there are more than one million Syrian refugees. 20 % of the population –  every fifth person in Lebanon is now a Syrian refugee, with no rights, no schooling for their children and a very uncertain future.

With small means the Bread of Life Society, currently provide schooling for 40 students aged 5-12 (with a long waiting list!). Their main focus is Arabic, English and Maths. They also visit the children’s’ families regularly and distribute food packages to help create a more stable everyday life for these vulnerable families.

Mike and Vicky, the founders of the Bread of Life Society, have lived and worked in the region for the past 13 years and speak the local language.

What they are doing is nothing but extraordinary and we are glad to be able to support their important work.