Who we are

Below you can find some facts us as founders of together for charity and why we decided to get committed to this initiative.

From left to right: Frida Magnusson, Kristina Mönnich, Stina Hotine, Elisabeth Lewenhaupt, Anna Lena Granell Griffiths and Charlotte Tham. Alexandra Magnusson is not in this photo.

Alexandra Magnusson: Donor co-ordinator and responsible for Facebook.

Master degree in Marketing. Used to work with marketing and PR for Turner Broadcasting System (CNN, Cartoon Network and TCM) in Stockholm and later in Madrid. 3 children (born 2009, 2010 and 2014).

Children in need has always been something that I would like to get engaged in and when we decided to start together for charity, where 100% of everything donated guaranteed go straight to the projects, I did not hesitate one bit. To give something back, big or small, should go without saying for everyone!

Anna Lena Granell Griffiths: Webmaster.

Msc in Industrial Engineering. Studied Work Psychology, Leadership and Coaching and Psychosynthesis. Certified Coach. Anna Lena has worked with Competence Development and in various roles in the Telecom industry. 3 children (born 2004, 2006 and 2009).

Together for charity is a chance for me to help children who are unfortunate enough to have a tough start in life. I believe our support will make a difference for each and every one of the children we support – which makes all the effort worthwhile!

Charlotte Tham: Chairman.

Master in Finance – Lund University. Master in International Communication and Leadership – Gävle University

She has worked for Nordea in Sweden since 2001, first with credit analysis and later as a Branch Manager. She has also worked with coaching people in personal leadership and education in International Communication. 3 children (born 2006, 2008 and 2010).

Together with quite a few others – I want less fortunate children’s life to be better. In my opinion the only way to give these children hope is by giving them education. By being educated you have a possibility to support yourself and your family. I also had a strong need for being involved in a charity project. I wanted to be able to follow a project with my own eyes and see the difference we can make.

Elisabeth Lewenhaupt: Vice Chairman.

Civilekonom – Lund University. Hotel and management – IBS – International Business School

She has worked in banking for many years, in private banking and stock trading at Svenska Handelsbanken and Nordiska Fondkommission. She also worked as a client coordinator for one year and had her own  business with a friend. 4 children (born 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007).

By being a part of together for charity my wish is to help and make a difference for children who are less fortunate. Food and water are of course the primary things for survival, but I also believe that through education these children can create a better life for themselves – and for future generations. I also feel that it is very important to share this with my children so they understand the differences in life – and that all things does not come for free.

Kristina Mönnich: Treasurer.

Bachelor of Business Administration, Studies in Interior Design and antiques. Work experience in the auction industry. Consultation in marketing and administration. 3 children (born 2002, 2004 and 2006).

I would like to make a difference for less fortunate people and I think the way to do this is by working in an efficient & focused “hands on” organization like what we have created. The support can reach the needed with a minimum of costly and time-consuming administration.

Stina Hotine: Project Co-ordinator

Degree in Human Resources with a major in organizational development.

HR Consultant focusing on key talent management, culture & change and leadership development. Worked in a flower shop, parking garage and various restaurants, also as student counsellor, business developer, recruiter and HR manager. 3 children (born 2002, 2004 and 2008).

Life is too short not to be engaged in and committed to good causes – I would like to make a difference and to be a role model for my children and the world.

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