We support

We support three projects:

By providing quarterly donations to the two projects in Laos and Vietnam, together for charity create stability for them. We also provide ad-hoc donations for needs arising within these two projects and the newly introduced project in Lebanon. The partnerships are developed through continuous follow-ups with our trusted people on the ground. This is how we ensure your money goes straight to where it is needed.

There is of course almost an unlimited number of people who need help, but we had to start somewhere. We decided to choose these projects based on four criteria:

  1. Based in Asia and beyond, as we have a strong relationship to the region
  2. Support children, as we find that they need most help
  3. Involve Education, as in our opinion that this is an important way out of poverty
  4. Run by someone with strong commitment to their project and who we can trust. Since we will focus on fundraising, and will not be able to visit often, we need someone that we trust to run the projects.

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